Appointment SeDNAs board members

Hello SeDNAs members,

We are excited to announce the appointment of SeDNAs inaugural Board members!

Congratulations to:

  • Anastasija Zaiko (NZ)
  • Cecilia Villacorta-Rath (AUS)
  • Clare I. M. Adams (NZ)
  • Dianne Gleeson (AUS)
  • Helen Barclay (AUS)
  • Jo-Ann Stanton (NZ)
  • Maarten De Brauwer (AUS)
  • Oliver Berry (AUS)

There were 18 nominations to fill 8 board spots. Of the 143 current members we had 89 members vote in the Board election. We are pleased to be able to create this competitive process, but of course it has meant some amazing people were not among the top ranked nominees. We anticipate other leadership opportunities in the execution of our society’s action and business plans.

A big thank you to all who have put themselves forward through this election process and who will be giving their skills and energy going forward. Also, thank you to everyone involved in the last 3 years of kicking off our collaboration and getting us to this point, in particular those in the original management group and working group leaders and those who participated in the Queenstown, NZ, foundation workshop. We dearly hope everyone maintains their active involvement in SeDNAs activities and future projects.

From here the Board will be sorting out some administration matters such as formally becoming Board members, appointing key roles like President, Secretary etc, finalisation of SeDNAs constitution as well as the Action Plan. Then we get stuck into the real work 🙂

We will keep you posted on the updates from the Society via email, the website and social media channels. Reach out in the meantime if you need. 


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