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Best practice guidelines and manuals

Recent environmental DNA publications

  • Audrezet et al. 2022: Eco-plastics in the sea: succession of micro- and macro-fouling on a biodegradable polymer augmented with oyster shell
  • DiBattista et al. 2022: Environmental DNA reveals a multi-taxa biogeographic break across the Arabian Sea and Sea of Oman
  • Ellis et al. 2022: Detecting marine pests using environmental DNA and biophysical models
  • Rourke et al. 2022: Environmental DNA (eDNA) as a tool for assessing fish biomass: A review of approaches and future considerations for resource surveys
  • Villacorta-Rath et al. 2022: Environmental DNA analysis confirms extant populations of the cryptic Irwin’s turtle within its historical range
  • Wilkes Walburn et al 2022: Robust environmental DNA assay development and validation: A case study with two vulnerable Australian fish
  • Zaiko et al. 2022: Assessing the performance and efficiency of environmental DNA/RNA capture methodologies under controlled experimental conditions
  • Zirngibl et al. 2022: A rapid molecular assay for detecting the Mediterranean fanworm Sabella spallanzanii trialed by non-scientist users


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