Extracting population genetic data from environmental DNA samples

The University of Canberra has an exciting opportunity to advance the field of environmental DNA (eDNA) by extracting detailed genetic data on entire populations. The selected candidate will conduct original research to evaluate the capacity for rapid and efficient extraction of population genetic data from a simple environmental sample. The project will involve modelling, laboratory trials and empirical validation on Australian freshwater fish species to determine the potential for eDNA samples to provide valuable population genetic data. This project expects to significantly enhance conservation management by providing critical information on genetic diversity and population health.

They are seeking a motivated candidate to undertake a PhD focusing on this topic. The research would require working collaboratively with state government department and, consequently, would suit a PhD candidate with strong interests in both basic and applied ecological research. The ideal candidate will have a strong academic record and previous research experience in eDNA or molecular genetics. The PhD program will be supervised by Dr Elise Furlan at the University of Canberra.

You’ll need a first-class honours or Masters degree from an Australian or New Zealand University (obtained within the last 10 years) to receive a PhD scholarship of $30,000/year. The project will be based at the University of Canberra and comes with Faculty funding to support operational expenses plus additional research support from the Institute for Applied Ecology (see

If interested, please contact Dr Elise Furlan:


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