Register for membership now!

Please join us on our mission to foster the adoption of eDNA across Australia and New Zealand! We are a newly formed society and we welcome you. We want to promote eDNA excellence through collaboration between science, industry and community groups, to advance methods for government, private and community sectors.

Membership Benefits – why join us?

  • Be part of our shared mission
  • Input on the early direction of our society
  • Build your network and opportunities to collaborate
  • Stay abreast of eDNA as an an evolving tool, including work opportunities
  • Access working groups/action plan implementation
  • Vote on Board Member appointments
  • Apply for various awards and fellowships we anticipate
  • Discounted registration for the next eDNA conference in NZ 2025
  • Journal discounts (currently negotiating discounts for Environmental DNA, Metabarcoding & Metagenomics and others)

Why sign up now?

We are still finalising the incorporation of our group so we can accept membership dollars. However, if you sign up now or during Feb, to be later invoiced in July 2023, we can offer you:

  • 20% discount on annual membership cost
  • 4 months free membership (March – June 2023 – including board voting)

Membership offer (to be finalised in July 2023)

You can register via this link. We anticipate annual standard & student membership rates between $60 – $100


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